Our Story

by MKcreations
Our Story

Turns out sitting down and trying to describe yourself to people isn’t super easy to do, for me at least. I’ve been described as quiet, shy, and even meek and mild. I would describe myself as an introvert who’s brain moves way too fast for my mouth to keep up. Seriously, if I could figure out a way to shut my brain off, I feel like I would accomplish my life’s goal.

What’s funny about how other’s see me, is that my husband would say, “Seriously do you even know her?! She’s got so much sass in her!” The thing is though I don’t let many people in to see my true personality; This perfectionist has a thing against being vulnerable. But my husband, bless his soul loves me for my sass. He loves me for that crazy look in my eye that I get when I come up with yet another crazy DIY idea. He just let’s me do my thing while I keep adding to the “Honey do” list. And the BEST part is that he can do pretty much anything I put on that list. I married a fantastic handy man who gets my crazy ideas. We were made for each other. I thank God everyday for bringing him to me.

My husband and I met when we were still in high school. Everyone gave us the typical, “It’s just young love” spiel. But I met my husband, I literally could not think back and imagine him not being in my life and I had never felt more like myself then when I was with him. We just fell right into each other’s lives and kept right on going never looking back. That’s how I knew it was more than a teenage fling. And that’s why I choose to name this blog MK Creations. Our life together so far has been about what we create together, including our son. This blog is about our creations and experiences along the way.

Speaking of experiences along the way…our biggest experience right now is slowly renovating our 1970’s lake house. We would love it for you to join us as we continue our story, whether it’s through the Blog, Facebook, or Instagram.