About Me

by MKcreations

Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by! This blog is the hub of the “behind the scenes” moments of our life. What we love and things we are up to. I’m a helper at heart so I love to share things our family has had success with or things my family loves.

A little bit about me:

I am a School Psychologist by day and a mom, wife, DIY enthusiast, blog writer by night. I’m a pretty random person and constantly investigating and learning new things. One month I might be slightly obsessed with how to create a capsule wardrobe while the next I’m trying to figure out how I can fit a 15-minute workout in-between that hustle and bustle of life. That constant changing very much translates into the blog. You’ll notice that I don’t necessarily stick to one “niche” of topics. One day I may share an awesome recipe that I have found, while the next I might share something from my own personal style journey. Meanwhile the next week, I may share a project my husband and I created for our small woodworking business.

My husband and I met when we were still in high school. Everyone gave us the typical, “It’s just young love” spiel. But when I met Mat, I literally could not think back and imagine him not being in my life. We just fell right into each other’s lives and kept right on going never looking back. That’s how I knew it was more than a teenage fling. And that’s why I choose to name this blog MK Creations. Our life together so far has been about what we create together, including our son. This blog is about our creations and experiences along the way. 

I love those small moments where you sit down and enjoy a new recipe as a family or find an outfit that makes you feel like you are a rock star…those are the moments I live for. Those are the moments that bring me excitement and joy. And those are the moments I love to share and connect with others about. Because maybe then you can have those small moments too.

Speaking of life experiences along the way…our biggest experience right now is slowly renovating our 1970’s lake house. We would love it for you to join us as we continue our story, whether it’s through the Blog, Facebook, or Instagram. So, I do hope that you stay and follow along with my randomness. And I hope that it brings you excitement and joy too! Follow along with the blog here.